Programming History: 2005

Music and Resistance Film Series
Including the films Fela (Fela Kuti), Wattstax (about the 1973 concert), 5 Sides of a Coin (on the 5 elements of hip hop), and Salsa: Latin Pop Music in the Cities.

The Rise and Fall of Mission Housing
With the Committee to Save Mission Housing
A discussion on the history of the struggles at Mission Housing and the Mission District more broadly, in light of economic and political pressures that lead to displacement of working class communities of color.

Activism and Social Movements in the Arab World
With Rayan El-Amine & Uda Walker
This event, cosponsored with Left Turn Magazine, looked at social movements in Egypt, Lebanon, and Palestine.

30th Anniversary of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
An event honoring former members of SNCC as well as Bay Area civil rights activists.

Who Was CLR James?
With author and professor John McLendon III
A look at CLR James, his theoretical contributions and how they advanced Marxism.

Marxism 101 Class
A four-part workshop and study group led by the collective of the Center offering a beginning/intermediate study of Marxist principles, theory, and relevance to today’s movement building.

Homelessness and the Market Economy
With Carl Bloice
A look at how can Marxist understandings of land, housing and economics can be applied to the situation of homelessness today.

The Future of Socialism in South Africa
With Vishwas Satgar from the South African Communist Party

Reclaiming Revolution: Evaluating the Experience of Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM)
With former STORM members Harmony Goldberg, Raquel Lavina
A look at lessons learned from the organization STORM, a revolutionary organization in the Bay Area in the 90s.

Globalize Liberation
With Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez, David Solnit & Chris Carlson
Discussing the movements highlighted in the book Globalize Liberation.

Report-Back from Haiti & Venezuela A discussion about similarities in political developments in Haiti and Venezuela and opportunities for solidarity from the U.S. Left with social movements in both countries.