The Anti-War Working Group

Who We Are:

The Anti-War Working Group (a project of Center for Political Education) conducts research and study on US war-making globally for the purpose of resourcing antiwar organizing in the Bay Area. Member organizations include Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA), Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), BAYAN USA, Catalyst Project, and Center for Political Education.

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If you and your organization want to learn more about how to make use of these resources or how to incorporate antiwar politics into your existing work, please contact the Anti-War Working Group for support.


Dismantling Militarism in the Bay Area

This resource consists of a series of anti-war target memos produced by the working group in spring of 2021. Based on research and assessment we have been doing on US militarism and its impacts on the Bay Area, we chose three areas of focus for these memos: the role of the tech industry in war-making (covered in two memos), an end to sanctions, and a full withdrawal of US militarism from Afghanistan. The four memos draw attention to key actors based in the Bay Area and make some target recommendations that may be useful to Black, Indigenous and people of color-led organizations in the Bay ready to integrate antiwar politics more deeply into their current work.

Big Tech and Militarized Surveillance


Tech and War Profiteering


Economic Sanctions – War by Another Name


 Ending the War on Afghanistan

Anti-Militarist Fact Sheets for Social Movements

Climate Justice