Marxism 101 – Spring 2024 Cohort

MARXISM 101 – Introduction to Marxist Theory and Practice

Have you ever felt that Marxist theory was a kind of secret knowledge? Have you read, talked with, listened to Marxist thinkers but never studied Marx’s ideas for yourself? This course will introduce you to key writings by Marx and other revolutionary theorists, help ground you in Marxism as a set of tools for making change, and briefly explore how Marxists have waged anticapitalist, anticolonial, and antiracist struggles throughout the world. Marx’s writings are not only relevant to Europe and the “West.” We don’t study Marx simply to revere his contributions. We study Marx because his investigations into capitalism, class struggle, and how change happens continue to be relevant to contemporary left movements in both the Global North and South. We also study Marxist theory as a living body of analysis that contains many different and sometimes competing perspectives. Join us to explore ways to apply Marxist methods and insights to your organizing work.

Center for Political Education invites you to participate in a six-week introduction to Marxist theory and practice. By engaging with weekly readings and discussions, and with the help of guest teachers, beginners to Marxism will work together to learn about:

  • what is capitalism? and what are some of its major contradictions?
  • what is political economy? dialectical materialism? racial capitalism?
  • why have Marxist ideas so deeply influenced revolutionary struggles across the planet?
  • how can we apply a Marxist lens to local and global events and organizing?

Our current political moment presents challenges that compel our movements to adopt a rigorous approach to understanding how capitalism works, what and who advances history, and how to chart a vision for a better world. Take up this challenge with Marxism 101.

Classes for our spring cohort meet online via Zoom on Mondays from 3pm-6pm (PDT) / 4pm-7pm (MDT) / 5pm-8pm (CDT) / 6pm-9pm (EDT) on the following dates:

March 11
March 18
March 25
April 1
April 8
April 15

Space in Marxism 101 will be limited. If you’re interested in participating, please take a moment to thoughtfully fill out an application form by Tuesday, March, by 5pm (PDT), so we can get a sense of who you are and why you are interested in taking this class. The information you provide will help us tailor the sessions to the group’s needs. While everyone should feel free to apply for this class, preference will be given to beginners to Marxism, and members of people of color-led organizations.

Accessibility Information:
Please make sure to note your accessibility needs in your application.


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