Public Events

CPE hosts public events independently and in collaboration with other groups. These events are designed to support the political education needs of local movements. They are sometimes initiated in response to current events, sometimes in response to needs identified by groups with which CPE works, and sometimes by CPE based on needs the organization has identified. These events take a variety of shapes depending on the goals of the program including lectures and book talks, panels, group discussions, cultural presentations, and workshops. CPE also structures series of public events to explore the dimensions of a topic over a longer period of time.

By-Invitation Events

CPE facilitates invitation-only events during which participants discuss strategy or delve more deeply into issues that they may be less comfortable discussing in public venues. CPE often plays a facilitative role in these events, convening groups, structuring the agenda, and moderating the conversation. These sessions are often held in conjunction with a public event on a similar topic as a means of providing a setting to extend the conversations with a focus on building organizing capacity.

Classes and Study Groups

CPE holds classes and study groups. Over the course of multiple sessions, these classes provide an opportunity for participants to engage with challenging concepts or texts that fortify organizers’ and activists’ practice. CPE staff members coordinate the overall class or study group and co-facilitate sessions with guest presenters.

Workshops, Trainings, and Strategy Sessions

CPE provides tailored workshops, trainings, and strategy sessions to groups seeking support in developing their analysis or skills. CPE works with the organizations to develop curricula, exercises, and popular education materials that best meet their members or constituents. These sessions can be done as single events or as a series of workshops that build on each other.

Conferences and Symposia

CPE hosts day-long conferences and part-day symposia independently and in collaboration with other groups. These settings provide opportunities for organizers and activists to learn from and be in conversation with experts and their peers to learn, strategize, and share in hopes of increasing movement collaboration, skill, and analysis.

Political Education Materials

CPE develops curricula, bibliographies and reading lists, exercises, tools, and analytical pieces to support organizations’ ongoing political education efforts. CPE creates materials for its own sessions that can be used independently as well as working with groups to develop materials. Examples include curricula for political education sessions preparing organizations members for mobilizations and rallies, study guides for books, and reading lists to supplement talks or panels.