Programming History: 2004

Battle of Algiers Post-Film Discussion
A discussion led by Rayan El-Amine and Jason Ferreira contextualizing the film in the history of the 50’s and 60’s, highlighting the film’s relevance for activists and organizers today. In conjunction with the showing of the film at the Castro Theater.

Let it Burn: A video interview with Robert F. Williams
An event featuring the life and work of Robert F. Williams, a leading figure of the civil rights movement, with introductory comments and a discussion following the video with Kali Akuno and Claude Marks.

The Future of El Salvador
A discussion with FMLN activist Salvador Cordon on the future of El Salvador and its impending election. A post-election report back followed the elections, also led by Salvador Cordon.

Fascism three-part series:
What’s goin’ on in 2004? What Dangers do we Face?
A discussion led by Lamoin Werlein-Jaen, Roger White, Elder Freemen, and Betita Martinez on the future of our work, attempting to define the era we are in to better understand our strategies and tactics.

Electoral Politics
A panel exploring electoral politics and how they’ve been used in the past to build the movement for progressive social change, and the lessons learned from those campaigns. With Phil Hutchings, Susan Chacin, and Eric Mar

Fascism and Cultural Resistance
A discussion with Alli Star, Thenmozhi Soundarajan, and Tina Bartolome on the role of cultural production and cultural workers in the current historical period.

Understanding Imperialism: The Shi’a Rise Up
Beyond the Rhetoric: Shi’a Resistance in Iraq and South Lebanon
A forum with As’ad Abukhalil on the history of Shi’a resistance against imperialism in South Lebanon and Iraq, focusing on educating solidarity activists about the role of social movements spearheaded by Shi’a struggle.

Memory and Resistance: 9/11 Three Years After
A cultural night in memory of the people’s struggle for self-determination from Chile to Iraq.
A cultural event and fundraiser for CPE showcasing films, local artists and artwork, MC’s and poets, honoring the people’s resistance and making links between the people’s struggles throughout the world. MC Iron Sheik, Kako, and films.

Mumbai Resistance Workshop for World Social Forum participants
A workshop led by Doug Norberg on the intervention made by the Mumbai Resistance Gathering in Mumbai during the World Social Forum ’04. Designed to inform participants and organizers heading to the WSF’05 in Brazil about the critiques of the World Social Forum and ways to best support anti-imperialist efforts at the WSF.

The Children of NAFTA
A discussion on the political economy of the US/Mexico border and the impact cross-border movement has had on US and Mexican politics. With David Bacon.

Ongoing Book Club (ran through 2009)
The Center’s first book club designed to give organizers and activists an informal way to meet once or twice a month and read and discuss together both fiction and non-fiction.