We have a new set of CPE Study Halls on our YouTube channel, including conversations with Josh MacPhee and Melanie Cervantes; Ejeris Dixon and Che-Johnson-Long; and Emily K. Hobson and Dan Berger.


CPE Study Hall: Celebrate People’s History with Josh MacPhee and Melanie Cervantes

Check out this segment where we talk with Josh MacPhee and Melanie Cervantes of justseeds about the new edition of Celebrate People’s History, which includes over 275 artists, writers, and organizations from around the globe paying tribute to revolution, racial justice, women’s rights, queer liberation, labor struggles, and creative activism and organizing.

CPE Study Hall: “Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit” with Ejeris Dixon and Che Johnson-Long

Check out this segment where we talk with Ejeris Dixon and Che Johnson-Long of Vision Change Win about “Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit,” a collection of security and safety practices from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color movements within the US.

CPE Study Hall: Remaking Radicalism with Emily K. Hobson and Dan Berger

Check out this segment, where we talk with Dan Berger and Emily Hobson about Remaking Radicalism, a rare anthology that brings together documents from multiple radical movements in the recent United States from 1973 through 2001, reflecting political upheavals that shaped the end of the century and that continue to define the present.

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