People Get Ready: Conference Background Materials

While there are many high quality and useful materials circulating in relationship to the 2016 elections, and you likely have your favorites, here are just a few of the things that we reviewed in preparation for People Get Ready: Building Resistance in the Trump Era.

Kali Akuno–“Don’t Mourn, Organize.  Don’t Despair, Create”:

Samir Amin–“The Election of Donald Trump”:

Linda Burnham–“Notes on the Election”:

Freedom Road Socialist Organization–“Talking Points on the Trump Disaster, the New Confederacy and the Left”:

Shuja Haider–“Anti-Liberal Politics”:

Robin D. G. Kelley–“After Trump”:

Organizing Upgrade Post Election 2016 Discussion Guide and Resource List (Tarso Ramos):

Vijay Prashad–“Voters Just Delivered a Mandate to a Pack of Absolute Fiends and Monsters”

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung New York Office–Donald Trump and the Rise of the Nationalist Right: