Forum to Defeat Propositions 6 & 9: Targeting of Youth of Color, Immigrants and Those Currently Incarcerated!

Tuesday, October 14th

Come learn about Propositions 6 (“The Runner Initiative) & 9 (“Victim Rights and Protection Act”) with Shawna Sanchagrin and Nia Sykes from the California Coalition for Women Prisoners and Alicia Criado from Books Not Bars.

If passed, these two California State laws would usher in an era of “cradle to grave incarceration”, continuing a reliance on prisons, and prioritizing prison spending over education, health care, and non-punitive community-based programs.  This forum is meant for anyone hoping to learn more about these initiatives, get involved in the mobilization to defeat them, and for those who would like to understand the wide impact they would have in various sectors, as well as connections to your current work.  Check out the NO on Prop 6 and NO on Prop 9 websites here for more information about the two initiatives.

Join us!  Stop Props 6 & 9!


Sponsored by the Center for Political Education