We Need a Media Intern


CPE is looking for a media intern to help us document and promote our programming.  We are looking for someone with an interest in social change, political education, and media-making.  This is what we need help with:

  • image by Brooke Anderson

    Video documenting CPE programming

  • Livestreaming CPE programming

  • Photo documenting CPE programming

  • Editing and uploading video/images to CPE social media platforms

  • Helping to coordinate others to document CPE programming

  • Contributing to the production of CPE’s podcast

You don’t need to be pro, but having at least some equipment, skills, and excitement for this type of work would be helpful.

To apply for an internship with CPE,  please submit a complete application including:

  1. your name, email address, and phone number

  2. the period for which you are seeking an internship (when do you want to start and finish your internship?)

  3. whether or not you are doing an internship as part of your schooling. If you are interning for school, please include the name and contact information for the person at your school or university overseeing your internship.

  4. responses to the following questions:

    • In your own words, what is political education?

    • What experiences, if any, have you had with political education?

    • What is your interested in being part of a political education institution?

    • Why do you think political education is important for political organizations on the left, progressive social movements, the working class and people of color?

    • What skills do you feel you have to share with CPE?

    • What skills would you like to develop by interning with CPE?

Email complete applications to center@politicaleducation.org. Please put “Media Internship” in the subject of your email.  There are no deadlines. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. We are not able to offer paid internships at this point.

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