Liz Derias-Tyehimba, CPE Community Advisor

So proud to be an advisory member of the The Center for Political Education!! For more than a decade in my own political development, CPE was integral in connecting me more deeply as an organizer to a liberatory frame and practice. While I was in a political organization and building coalitions, it was through CPE that I was given access to space, study sessions, time to strategize with other organizers, and more. It fundamentally strengthened me as an internationalist and revolutionary Lefty. The organization is over 20 years old and has contributed to resistance work in the Bay, and across the country, in countless ways. Very few existing orgs in the Bay have held such a revolutionary history and trajectory. I’m so thankful I get to work alongside their brilliant and committed co-directors Rachel Herzing and Isaac Ontiveros, and an amazing crew of intergenerational and multi-sector advisory members!