Challenging the New Normal

Challenging the New Normal Wednesday, February 24 5:00-7:00 pm (PT)  Register Here for Zoom Link 2020 was marked by mass deaths, pivotal elections, climate chaos, a historic wave of Black-led uprisings against police violence, coup d’etats, labor strikes, and a resurgent right. Colliding with preexisting economic and climate crises, the global pandemic ushered in a […]

June 28 6-8p PT | Coal, Cages, Crisis: The Rise of the Prison Economy in Central Appalachia

About the Writing to Abolition Series Following the Floyd rebellions of 2020, we saw ideas about the abolition of policing and imprisonment reach new levels of attention. Leading up to and following Summer 2020, writing about prison industrial complex abolition helped shape the ongoing conversations about how we think about safety and addressing harm.  Join […]