CPE Welcomes a New Staff Member

Dear Friends,
CPE is excited to announce that we have hired a new staff member. Jazmín Delgado will be joining CPE as our Program Coordinator in mid-August. Jazmín’s political smarts and facilitation skills will be important contributions to CPE.  We’re looking forward to Jazmín coming on to support our work and to introducing them to our community as we continue to develop programs that are relevant and useful for Bay Area movements and organizations. I’ll be transitioning into the role of executive director to support CPE’s continued development and ensure we continue to meet our obligations to all of you.Jazmín comes to join us in the Bay Area from Philadelphia with experience that includes organizing for sanctuary and against deportations, language justice, and education.  We hope you’ll help us welcome them into CPE’s community.

Many thanks to everyone who helped send good candidates our way, applied for our position, and who supported CPE during our staffing transition.  Stay tuned for a message from Jazmín introducing themselves when they start in August.

In Solidarity,
Rachel Herzing

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