Everything Has Changed and All Our Work Remains: Post Election Politics, Opportunities & Challenges

Monday, December 8th

With Linda Burnham, veteran activist and writer, co-founder and former Executive Director of the Women of Color Resource Center, who is currently editing a collection of essays on race and the elections for the Applied Research Center; Mike Parker, Labor Notes Policy Committee Member and Richmond community activist; and Sampada Aranke, the Friendly Fire Collective.  Moderated by María Poblet with St. Peter’s Housing Committee and the Activist Study Circle.

Local conversations among left organizers in cities around the country will assess the impacts of the November 2008 elections and the economic crisis focusing on attempts to decide the resultant strategic priorities for left organizers.  Summations from each local forum-as well as an attempted synthesis national report-will be posted on a central website that will be shared with everyone who attends.

Questions we will engage include:

  • What did we learn from the elections about the state of politics in the US today?
  • What do we expect from an Obama administration?
  • How will the deepening global economic and ecological crises effect the direction and action of the next regime?  How will it impact our communities and movements?
  • Where will key social struggles be, and what should be the priorities for revolutionaries in the next period?  What do we think we can achieve in the next period?
  • What impact will the new composition of Congress, Senate and the Presidency have on what kinds of alliances leftists should make and how we should position ourselves?

This event is co-sponsored by the Activist Study Circle, the Center for Political Education, the Friendly Fire Collective, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and Solidarity

We also encourage you to listen online to a similar forum recently held in New York as part of the national discussion: click here for the audio of the November 23rd event…