Programming History: 2020

2020 was a year like no other in world history. The world was set aflame by an unprecedented global pandemic, catastrophic wildfires, and street clashes against police forces the world over. Undergirding each of these challenges was a battle against fascism, sharpened by the callousness and desperation of far-right governments clinging to power while their people perished in overburdened hospital wards. Capitalism deemed “essential” those it was willing to sacrifice to disease in order to keep its market machinery moving. Yet, despite the unbearable weight of cascading tragedy, people marched in the streets to defend Black life in some of the largest and most widespread protests in world history. This year will be celebrated for the courage of that resistance and remembered bitterly for all those we lost.


In 2020, CPE programs included:

Building Beyond Policing
A national meeting of organizations working toward a principled long-term movement to transform our safety infrastructure away from one focused on criminalization and surveillance to one centered in community investment and well-being. Hosted by PolicyLink.

Reproductive Justice Leadership Summit
A meeting of national reproductive justice leaders hosted by Sister Song.

Anti-War Emergency Teach-In on Iran

A teach-in against US war and militarism in the wake of escalating military actions by the United States against Iran.

The event can be viewed at this link:

Friday Night Forums

A 7-week webinar series on decolonization, imperialism, and internationalism.  Co-sponsored by Arab Resource Organizing Committee and The Red Nation. Topics included Venezuela and Sanctions; COVID-19 in Indian Country; Organizing Workers; Sanctions on Iran; Palestine and the Blockade on Gaza; and US and China Relations.

Policing is a Public Health Issue

A webinar discussing abolition of policing and public health. Co-sponsored with Human Impact Partners.

Policing Can’t be Reformed

A webinar discussing abolition of policing and racial equity. Co-sponsored with PolicyLink.

The webinar can be viewed at this link:

Road to Rebellion

A three-session class exploring the relationship between long-term organizing and periods of rebellion. Class sessions featured movement practitioners and scholars sharing their insights into the interplay between long-term organizing and periods of mass unrest, both in the US and globally.

Study and Struggle

A webinar on political education and PIC abolition. The first series included a conversation on abolition as study and deconstructing racial capitalism.

The webinar can be viewed at this link:

What is Security Culture?

A webinar discussing security culture and organizational defense. Co-sponsored by Vision Change Win.

The Threats We Face

A webinar discussing far right threats facing left movements. Co-sponsored by Standing Up for Racial Justice.

CPE Study Halls

A new series with authors of tools that strengthen today’s movements.

On Interrupting Criminalization’s Defund Police Toolkit with Andrea Ritchie and Woods Ervin:

On Police: A Field Guide with Tyler Wall:

On The Read Deal with The Red Nation:

On No Fascist USA! with Hilary Moore and James Tracy:

On Celebrate People’s History with Melanie Cervantes and Josh MacPhee:

On Get in Formation with Ejeris Dixon and Che Johnson-Long:

Marxism 101
An eight-part introductory course on Marxist history, theory, economics, and political practice for grassroots organizers.

People Get Ready 3
A follow up conference to our 2019 and co-hosted with Haymarket Books, People Get Ready 3 was a one-day and entirely online conference focused on developing analysis and strategy to fight the right and build the left following one of the most consequential elections in US history.

To view the opening keynote of the conference from Alicia Garza, click on the link:

To view What’s Left? Building Power After the Elections with Justin Charles, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderso, Ejeris Dixon, and Ollie Vargas, click on the link:

To view The Kids Are United: Building Against the Far Right with Tarso Ramos, click on the link:

To view Build It On Up: Tools for the Fight with Sabiha Basrai, Marisol Ocampo, and The Red Nation, click on the link: