People Get Ready Conference Resources

Conference Background Materials
Conference Program

George Galvis, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice
Linda Burnham National Domestic Workers Alliance

(Block 1)

Clampdown: Understanding Fascism, Imperialism, and White Supremacy
Melanie Cervantes Dignidad Rebelde
Linda Evans All of Us or None*
Phil Hutchings
Alicia Jrapko National Network on Cuba

Trying Times: Understanding the Impacts of Neoliberalism under Trump
Chela Delgado Teachers for Social Justice
Kung Feng Jobs with Justice San Francisco
Emily Lee Chinese Progressive Association
James Tracy Community Labor Studies, City College of San Francisco

(Block 2)
Are You Going to Go My Way?: Considering Alliances, Fronts, and other Left Formations
Liz Derias-Tyehimba West Oakland Youth Center
Tongo Eisen-Martin  The Last 3%
Greg Morozumi Eastside Arts Alliance
Adrienne Skye Roberts California Coalition for Women Prisoners

Rocksteady: Exploring the Radical Potential of Community Defense
Max Elbaum author, Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao, and Che
Devonte Jackson Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Lara Kiswani Arab Resource and Organizing Center

Many Rivers to Cross: Navigating Opportunities and Tensions between International and Domestic Organizing
Lily Fahsi-Haskell Critical Resistance
Maari Maitrey Alliance for South Asians Taking Action
Armael Malinis Migrante
Alex Sanchez Homies Unidos




People Get Ready: Conference Background Materials

January 19, 2017

While there are many high quality and useful materials circulating in relationship to the 2016 elections, and you likely have your favorites, here are just a few of the things that we reviewed in preparation for People Get Ready: Building Resistance in the Trump Era.
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