Programming History: 2011

Where is the Left at?
with Cindy Weisner, Sendolo Diaminah, and Carl Bloice

Raising Reds: Children & Families in Left Organizations
with Diana Block, Tony Marks-Block, Miriam Ching Louie, Lung San Louie, Giuliana Milanese, Giulio Sorro, moderated by Mei-ying Williams

Dancing with Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America
with author, Ben Dangl; Leila Salazar-Lopez, Amazon Watch; Gustavo Oliveira, Bay Area Friends of the MST

Marxism 101 Class
A four-part workshop and study group led by the collective of the Center offering a beginning/intermediate study of Marxist principles, theory, and relevance to today’s movement building.

Community Farms & Permaculture in Cuba
with Roberto Perez Rivero

From Budget Cuts to the People’s Budget: Participatory
Josh Lerner and Chicago Alderman Joe Moore
co-sponsored by PODER, JASEcon, SF Community Land Trust, Chinese Progressive Association, Bay Area Community Exchange

Paulo Freire 101: Popular Education in Theory and Practice
3 sessions facilitated by Levana Saxon and Rosa Gonzalez

We are Fed up to Here!: Pietro Ameglio: Nonviolence Organizer from Mexico
with Pietro Ameglio, John Lindsay-Poland

Guardian Forum Series: Creating a Progressive Agenda for the Next Mayor of San Francisco
5 sessions with Calvin Welch, Lenny Goldberg, Shaw San Liu, Nick Pagoulatos, Ted Gullicksen

Voices of Egypt with Shadi Rhimi and War Times
with Shadi Rahimi and Max Elbaum

Environmental Justice vs. California Cap-and-Trade
with Alegría De La Cruz, Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment; Nile Malloy, Communities for a Better Environment; and Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project

Why Is Carlos Montes Being Targeted by the FBI?
with Carlos Montes, Cinthya Munoz Ramos, Causta Justa::Just Cause; Nancy Hernandez, lawyer

Mexico vs. Monsanto: Sin Maíz no hay País
with M.Sc. Adelita San Vicente, Dr. Alejandro Espinoza Calderon, and Dr. Antonio Turrent
co-sponsored by PODER

International League of People’s Struggle: 4th International Assembly and International Festival for People’s Rights and Struggles: Community Report Back
co-sponsored by BAYAN-USA, Chinese Progressive Association, and POWER

Occupy the Workplace: A Film Series on Worker-Owned Cooperatives
films: “Beyond the Bottom Line”, Democracy in the Workplace”, “November 15th: Cooperativism after Crisis”, “The Take” “The Mondragon Experiment”

Occupy, Resist, Produce: with the MST and Movement Generation
Elias Araujo, MST Coordinator, and Janaina Stronzake, MST Activist and Scholar

Hobos to Street People: Artists’ Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present
with Art Hazlewood, Paul Boden, Francisco Dominguez, and Bob Offer-Westort
co-sponsored by Western Regional Advocacy Project, Coalition on Homelessness, BOSS-Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency, Street Spirit, and St. Mary’s Center

Durban Climate Summit Report-Back
with Katherine Zavala, Jeff Conant, and Rosa Gonzalez