Programming History: 2007

From San Salvador to San Francisco: Workers Strike Back
Film showing and discussion with workers from El Salvador and the Bay Area, sharing stories of factory take overs and campus shut downs.

As Long As I Live: Comfort Women from Korea
Film showing a number of the surviving women live in the House of Sharing and travel to the Japanese embassy for a weekly demonstration demanding an apology from the Japanese government and testimony from a surviving comfort woman, Koon-ja Kim, who was forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II.

Marxism 101 Class
A four-part workshop and study group led by the collective of the Center offering a beginning/intermediate study of Marxist principles, theory, and relevance to today’s movement building.

World Social Forum 2007 Report Back
Co-sponsored with the Catalyst Project, Bay Area activists and organizers shared stories and lessons from their participation in the 2007 World Social Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Black History, Experience and Struggle in San Francisco
A multi-generational discussion about the historical factors shaping struggles within Black communities in San Francisco today.

On the Eve of El Primero de Mayo: The Struggle for Immigrant Rights
Organizers discuss the political moment facing the immigrant rights movement, and challenges, opportunities and visions for advancing immigration reform based on justice and humanity.

State of Siege: Part One of the 2007 History of Resistance Film Series
Made in 1973 in Chile, just prior to the U.S. backed overthrow of Salvador Allende, Costa Gavras’ classic film, captures a period of political upsurge and tension between left movements in Latin America and increasingly brutal state repression. Set in Uruguay in the early 1970’s the film is loosely based off the story of the kidnapping of a U.S. operative for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Sugar Slaves with Maisa Mendoca
Presentation by Brazilian activist, journalist and filmmaker Maisa Mendoca on the impacts of monoculture agribusiness on sugar cane workers their communities and land in Brazil. The sugar cane they harvest is converted into ethanol for Global North energy consumption, raising questions about our role in the continued exploitation of the people and land of the Global South.

The Center for Political Education, Building Towards and At the US Social Forum (USSF)
CPE worked with Bay Area organizations PODER, POWER, SOUL, Just Cause Oakland and St. Peter’s Housing Committee to mobilize people to attend the USSF, to provide financial and other support to Bay Area base-building organizations to attend and to provide information for organizations and individuals to effectively participate in the USSF. We raised over $20,000 for members of various Bay Area organizations to attend the gathering in Atlanta in June 2007.

Networking Session for Strengthening and Building Movement Building Centers: With the Brecht Forum, Encuentro Cinco and other organizations we held two workshops which highlighted efforts of various centers for movement building around the country to share lessons, challenges and strategies for building cross-movement, cross-sectoral spaces for left and progressive social movements.

Hammer to Shape Reality: Art and Social Movement: Artists and organizers came together to discuss production of visual art in the context of social movements.

Good or Bad Alchemy?: Social Movements and Electoral Strategies: Panel and interactive (lively!) discussion on the merits, challenges and barriers in electoral politics and differing approaches to building power for social movements.

USSF Report Back: Members of organizations shared stories from the five-day historic gathering in Atlanta.

638 Ways to Kill Fidel: Film Showing
Co-sponsored with the Venceremos Brigade, this film details the persistent but unsuccessful attempt to murder Fidel Castro, isolate and destabilize Cuba.

Introduction to Political Economy and Radical Economics
A four-part series with radical economist Suresh Naidu for activists and organizers on economics, political economy, international finance and trade, economic reform fights and alternatives to capitalism. click here to view slides from this class…

Jesus Camp: Film Showing
Film showing of award-winning film about the Christian Right’s tactical approach to winning new hearts and minds. CPE Collective member Palak Shah led a discussion about the Right, understanding the various tendencies and why the Left should care to understand.

The Cost of Privilege: Discussion on the Fight Against White Supremacy
Panel and discussion with author of the recent book, Cost of Privilege: Taking on White Supremacy and Racism, Chip Smith and Bay Area activists about the importance of history, theory and lessons from past and current struggles in today’s fight against racism.

Revolutionary Art: New work from the San Francisco Print Collective with Presentation by Artist Emory Douglas
An exhibition of work from the SF Print Collective’s political poster-making class, slideshow and Q&A with former minister of culture for the Black Panther Party Emory Douglas and special guest appearances by five of the SF Eight, former Black Panthers and community leaders arrested in January on 36-year old charges, based on confessions extracted by torture.

The Circle: Film Showing
The Circle, released in 2000 by director Jafar Panahi, more directly attempts to paint a picture of the cultural, social, and economic experiences of women living in Iran. Banned by the Islamic regime, yet also criticized by Iranian feminists, the film highlights complicated questions of women’s rights and economic independence. Following the film, activist and journalist Malihe Razazan led a discussion about the film and the current picture of women’s organizing and social movements in Iran.

Appalachians Resist Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Presentation and Q&A with two residents of the Appalachia coal fields who are fighting displacement and environmental devastation caused by Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining.

When They Come for You in the Morning: Creating a Left Response to Local Attacks on Homeless People
In the context of the San Francisco Chronicle’s CW Nevius’ unrelenting attack on homeless people and Mayor Gavin Newsom’s anti-homeless agenda of criminalization and dehumanization, this panel and discussion examined the current local political reality of homelessness.

Iraq and US Politics: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Event and interactive discussion with War Times members, discussing the current situation in Iraq, the broader region and how the left and progressive movements can push for an end to the war and occupation in Iraq and beyond.
Co-Sponsored Events:
Deportation and the Assault on the First Amendment-Could it Happen to You? A Panel Discussion on the impact of the LA 8 Supreme Court Decision on Immigrants’ Free Speech Rights
with Michel Shehadeh, LA 8 Member; and Gloria La Riva. activist, International Action Center co-sponsored with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Francisco

The Golf War: A Story of Land, Golf, and Revolution in the Philippines
A film screening with a performance by the Pearl Ubungen Dancers
co-sponsored with the Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines and the League of Filipino Students

Artists for Iraq, A Fundraiser for the people living under US Sanctions in Iraq
with Egyptian Feminist/author Nawal El Saadawi
co-sponsored with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Franicsco

People and the Struggle for Land: What does the Palestinian Struggle Mean for People of color in Struggle in the U.S.
with Phil Hutchings, co-founder, Institute for Multi-Racial Justice; Rhonda Ramiro, Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines; Angelique Gonzales, Coalition on Homelessness; and Maad Abu-Ghazalah, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
co-sponsored with the Institute for Multi-Racial Justice

After the Last Sky: A Solidarity Event and Educational Forum on Palestine
with Hatem Bazian, Al Qalam Institute; Lamis Andoni, Prominent Palestinian Journalist; Elias Rashmawi, Palestinian Activist, and Maad Abu-Ghazalah, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Co-sponsored with the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Francisco

U.S. Immigration Policy and the Intensifying Police State
with Kali Akuno, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; Ruthie Gilmore, California Prison Moratorium Project and Critical Resistance; Jay Mendoza, Philip Vera Cruz Justice Project; and Heba Nimr, INS Watch. Co-sponsored with the California Prison Moratorium Project and Critical Resistance

Anti-war Activist Dialogues
with Zulfiqar Ahmad, Pakistani scholar and activist; Eyad Kishawi, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; Richard Becker, International ANSWER Coalition; Maria Poblet, St. Peter’s Housing Committee. Co-sponsored with American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Francisco, School of Unity and Liberation, and War Times

Bolivarian Revolution Return to Power Celebration
Co-sponsored by the Venezuela Solidarity Group

Palestine: The Women’s Experience
With Maha Abu-Dayeh Shammas from the Women’s Legal Aid and Counseling Center in Ramallah. Co-sponsored by American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, San Francisco and others