People Get Ready 4 Conference Recordings

This page will host recordings from sessions at the 2023 People Get Ready 4 Conference. STAY TUNED!

Opening Plenary: Confronting the Moment with Barbara Ransby and Thenjiwe McHarris:

Punishment Politics in the Downturn with Naomi Murakawa, Isaac Ontiveros, Courtney Hanson, and David Maldonado

Afternoon Plenary: Building a Resilient, Durable Left with Maurice Mitchell, Lara Kiswani, Alex Tom, and Irma Shauf-Bajar

Confronting the Law & Order Agenda with Mohamed Shehk, Rachel Gilmer, Gina Clayton-Johnson and Amna Akbar

Power of the Working Class with Khadijah Kabba, Alejo, Max Bell-Alper and Kung Feng

Governing Power with Shaketa Redden, Nikki Fortunato Bas, Lee Tim Ly and Kimi Lee

From Recalls to Revisionist History with Emily Lee, Aimee Riechel, Joyce Lam and Rose Mendelsohn