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Do you want to learn more about how Marxist conceptions of historical change, political struggle, and liberation relate to the most pressing issues of our day ranging from the exploitation of people and the land, to the expansion of borders and prisons, to militarism at home and abroad? Why is talk of socialism taking center stage in the build up to the 2020 presidential election? How is it, according to recent national polls, that young people are increasingly identifying as socialists these days?

Over 150 years ago philosopher, economist, and activist Karl Marx’s work and thought on the root causes of these same issues went on to change the course of human history, with his ideas driving some of the most momentous political struggles in the last century against capitalism, racism, and imperialism.

Center for Political Education invites you to participate in a seven-part introduction to Marxist theory and practice. With the help of guest teachers and speakers, beginners to Marxism will work together to learn about:

  • Marxs critique of capitalism
  • essential concepts including political economy, historical materialism, and anti-imperialism

  • theories of state power developed by Marxist revolutionaries

  • revolutionary struggles from across the planet influenced by Marxist ideas

  • examples of local organizing through a Marxist lens

The challenges of our current political moment call upon our movements to adopt a rigorous approach to understanding how capitalism works, what and who advances history, and how to chart a vision for better world. Level up on these skills by joining Marxism 101!

The class sessions will be held in Oakland on Mondays from 6:00-9:00pm on the following dates:

September 23

September 30

October 7

October 14

October 21

October 28

November 4

Space in Marxism 101 will be limited so that the group can work deeply together. If you’re interested in the participating, please take a moment to fill out the application form thoroughly by Friday, September 13 at 5pm, so we can get a sense of who you are and why you are interested in taking this class. The information you provide will help us tailor the sessions to the group’s needs. While everyone should feel free to apply for this class, preference will be given to beginners to Marxism, members of working class and people of color communities, and people of color-led organizations.

Accessibility Information:

The Greenlining Institute, where the class will be held (360 14th Street, Oakland),  is an ADA accessible space.

We will do our best to provide a reduced scent space and will designate a fragrance-free seating area. Please support our efforts to support the participation of community members with chemical sensitivities by coming to the class as low- or no-scent as you are able.

To request language interpretation, CART transcription, childcare, or other access needs, please include that information on the application in response to the final question.

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