Struggle for Democracy: Colombia / La Lucha Por La Democracia: Colombia

REGISTER HERE: “Today all women win,” said Francia Márquez soon after becoming Colombia’s first Black woman vice president. The election of Márquez and Gustavo Petro represents a historic triumph for the Colombian left, who defeated far-right political forces and gained control of the presidency for the first time ever. - How did organizers in […]

Power Concedes Nothing: Book Launch

East Side Arts Alliance 2277 International Blvd., Oakland, CA

The Center for Political Education, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders for Civic Empowerment, and Convergence Magazine are hosting a book discussion with organizers and contributors of the pre-release must-read book Power Concedes Nothing: How Grassroots Organizing Wins Elections. What can California organizers and activists learn from 2020 electoral struggles to strengthen their work and win on progressive issues […]

Marxism 101 (2022) | Class Application

MARXISM 101 – introduction to Marxist theory and practice ***ACCESSIBILITY INFO BELOW*** Nearly 200 years on, why are people still fighting about Karl Marx’s thought?  Why do so many social justice movements around the world draw from his work? A philosopher, economist, and activist, Karl Marx changed history. His ideas have driven some of the […]